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School Calendar 2023-2024

August 3 (Thursday)    

August 4 (Friday)

August 7 (Monday)

August 8(Tuesday)

September 4 (Monday)

September 26 (Monday)

October 9 - 13 (Mon-Fri)

November 10 (Friday)

November 17 (Friday)

November 21 (Tuesday)

November 22-24 (Wed-Fri)

December 15 (Friday)

December 20(Wednesday)

December 21- January 2

January 3 (Friday)

January 4 (Monday)

January 15 (Monday)

February 19 (Monday)

March 1 (Friday)

March 11 - 15 (Mon-Fri)

March 29 (Friday)

April 1 (Monday)

April 12 (Friday)

May 17 (Friday)

May 23 (Thursday)

New Family Orientation

Open House for All Students and Families

Half Day – Phase-In Day (Details TBD)

Phase-In Day (Details TBD)

No School – Labor Day Holiday

Johnny Appleseed Day (In-School Event)

Fall Break- No School

Veterans' Day Celebration

Elders/Grandparents Event

MIS Thankfulness Celebration (In-School Event)

No School- Thanksgiving Holidays

Winter Program

½ Day for Students

No School- Winter Break

No School- Teachers' In-Service

School Resumes

No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

No School- Teachers' In-Service

MIS Family Event #1

No School- Spring Break

No School - Holiday

No School - Teachers' In-Service

MIS Family Event #2

Spring Program & Kindergarten Graduation

½ Day for Students - Last Day of the School Year

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